11 July 2014

Today, I am the Queen of Family Travel!

And my family is the Royal Family.

We started a big road trip today.  First we had to go a bit out of our way to pick up the Hubba and Kelvinator from scout camp and hadn't really calculated how much time that would add to our trip.  Turns out to have been about two to three extra hours.

But everyone was so well-behaved and good-natured (aside from the first 45 minutes with Pinkleberry, but then she fell asleep and woke up in a much better mood) that as we were headed to the point where we had planned on stopping for the night, I realized that we would be in the car for 10 hours!

Now, I have to tell you that I gave up long road trips a long time ago.  I just flat out started refusing.  I put in my time on those family road trips and I paid the price and decided I was done forever.  So now when we plan trips, I'm game for 6-8 hour days in the car and that's it.  That's the way we've done it for years now.

Which was why I was so amazed when I realized we'd be stopping after 10 hours on the road.

But the thing is--by the time we actually got to our stopping point, everyone was still good.  We had plenty of daylight and there was no real reason to stop.  So WE KEPT GOING!  I just couldn't believe how well everyone was getting along and that we didn't even need the "noise-cancelling mouth tubes" that Wiyah wanted to purchase.  IT WAS SO AWESOME!!

We ended up doing a 13 hour day!!  And that means that our "long" travel day tomorrow is so much shorter.  Yay!

The other thing that's making me feel so great is that we have eaten well on this trip!  Travel food is expensive and we end up eating such junk that by the time we arrive I feel awful.  But NOT THIS TRIP!  Wiyah and I brainstormed and planned and shopped and cooked.

The night before we left, Wiyah made breakfast calzones from scratch--sausage, egg, cheese in a bread wrap.  Easy to hold in your hand in the car.  So I didn't have to feed the children and clean up after them before we left.  Just load them in the car and hand them a pocket of breakfasty goodness.

For lunch we had leftover calzones, chicken salad sandwiches, clementines and white cheddar baked cheese puffs.  Those were probably the best chicken salad sandwiches I've made.  Chicken, celery chunks, diced carrots, red grapes and diced apples in mayo on croissants (on sale!).  So yummy!

For dinner, we made orange chicken, rice and broccoli.  And then froze it.  We brought it in the cooler and heated it up in the microwave when we arrived at the hotel.  Awesome.  For dessert we have cheese danishes.

For snacks in the car, we had more calzones (and there are still some leftover!), apple slices, more clementines, some licorice and lifesavers and some potato chips.

Tomorrow we will do breakfast in the hotel.  For lunch we have chicken wraps--chicken, spinach, cukes, tomatoes and red onion with Greek sauce.  We made them yesterday and they are in the cooler just waiting to be eaten.  We also have some Sun chips and green and red grapes.

For dinner, we will be arriving at our destination where we have a full kitchen.  It's burritos!  We've already packed the beans, tortillas, cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream.  So we have everything we need ready to go when we arrive.

I'm so excited!  I love eating well.  And while I thoroughly enjoy it when other people make meals, there is a certain satisfaction at knowing I created this!  I'm so proud of myself!


This week has been crazy with the Hubba and Kelvinator out of town at scout camp.  I'm trying to get everyone packed and the prepped and the house cleaned so that we can go on a family vacation.  We'll be picking up the scouters on our way out of town.  But I've also been working at the office and two out of the four evenings I have this week to get ready, I actually spent at the hospital teaching classes.  It has been exhausting.

Me:  Wiyah, I want you know that I see how you just keep pushing things along when I'm not here and I'm so grateful for everything you are doing.  You are amazing.
Wiyah:  Awww.  I get it from you!

These past four nights my knees and feet have just been aching from standing and walking all over the house a million times and standing at the sink washing dishes, etc...  When I came home from work tonight, Wiyah had made more amazing efforts at getting everything and everyone ready for our trip.

Wiyah:  I'm so stressed out.  There's still so much more to do.  I still have to pack my stuff.  And my knees and feet hurt so bad....MOM!  I'm just like you!

09 July 2014


Somethings in life happen that you are just never prepared for.  And even after the fact, you still don't know what to make of them...

I was out at a store clothes shopping with JJ and X.

JJ:  Mom, that guy just checked you out.
Me:  (garbled nonsensical utterings)
JJ:  I'm serious.  He did.  I just watched him check you out.

Overheard: Who's the Awesomest?

Trying to pack for our trip, we could only find half of several pairs of matching pajamas.  It wasn't a HUGE deal, you can always mismatch while you sleep.  But Wink really wanted to bring a pair of matching ones.  I had looked all last night and hadn't found anything.  We had been all through her room and the dirty laundry today...

Wink:  I know.  We should say a prayer!
Me:  That's a great idea.  Why don't you say it?
Wink:  (says prayer)...And please bless that we when we look down, we will see the pajamas right on the floor.  (ends prayer)  I wish that I could hear the answer like how you heard the answer right away when you prayed about having another baby.  (That was the story of how X came to be.)
Me:  Yeah, I wish all my prayers were answered that way, too.  But sh....let's be quiet and listen for it...

Me:  I could look in my bathroom.  Sometimes you guys change in there.  That's an idea.  Maybe that's the anwer.
Wink:  Yeah!
(We walked through the bathroom and looked all over in my bedroom--nothing.)
Me:  I know.  We could check the laundry room.  We haven't checked there.
Wink:  Yeah!
(We found the mother lode!  Like 7 pairs of single pajama pieces that all matched the other pieces we had already found.)
Wink:  Mom!  You're the awesomest mom ever.
Me:  No, Jesus is the awesomest God ever!  That's how we got your prayer answered.

Maybe you're thinking it's not so much of a miracle that we would find pajamas in the clean laundry pile in the laundry room.  But I beg to differ.  And if you lived with us, you would see it for what it is, too.

02 July 2014


Me:  Should I get some audio books for our trip?
Wiyah:  No.
Me:  Man, Wiyah.  You're such a killjoy.
(because I had asked her if she wanted to go to a 4th of July party and she had said no to that, too)
Wiyah:  You can get everyone noise-cancelling mouth tubes.


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