02 July 2015

You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone.

I actually hate that saying.  I especially hate the idea in the context of romance and love songs.  Cliche makes me want to vomit.  Yet, in this case, it's totally a propos.

After 5 (I think) years of not having any cooling in our house, we finally fixed the air conditioner.  "Fix" is probably too strong of a word for what was actually done to it, but we figured out the problem and now it's not a problem anymore.  So we've had AC now for like three days.

As I've been enjoying the feeling of being comfortable in my own house, I am remembering how it felt to me when we first bought this house.  I mean, the first four or so years of home ownership which were also the first four years of living in air conditioning.

The only thing I really remember about it is that I was always inching the thermostat lower and lower.  It was just too hot.  I tried to keep the thermostat up around 78 degrees to save money and resources the way you are supposed to do.  But I could never keep it there!

One time I was talking to a good friend about that phenomenon and she told me that when she feels like the inside of her house is not cool enough, she goes outside on her southern-facing deck for a few minutes and then comes back inside.

Isn't that funny how that simple story has stuck with me for 7 years or more?

Today my thermostat is set at 78.  And there are places in the house that are warmer than others.  But overall, 78 degrees feels remarkably cool.  Sometimes downright chilly now.  And in fact yesterday we had a small blip with the workingness of our AC and the inside temperature temporarily rose again up to 85 which was STILL noticeably cooler than it's been in 4 or 5 summers.

It's just interesting how uncomfortably warm 78 always seemed to me before and that it doesn't feel that way now.  The only thing that has changed is perspective.  Like the way my friend's house felt warm after being inside it all day, but when she stepped out into something hotter, it made her appreciate how cool her house actually was.

30 June 2015

Non-selfie Selfies

I had to update my headshots for applications to do shoots with the Church.  And as luck would have it, today was a good face day.  (I won't really say the same for my hair.)  So Baboo ran out and took these photos of me in the backyard.  I like them.

28 June 2015

Last day of school

Christmas 2014

I was going to title this post "More Christmas 2015" and I actually started writing about how I hadn't actually looked to see what I posted about Christmas before, but here were some additional photos from Baboo's camera.

Then I decided to not be lazy and actually go back and see what other photos I had posted from Christmas.  Nada.  I got nothing!  Did I really post no photos from last Christmas?  So then I changed the title of this post to just "Christmas 2015".  

There were photos I snagged off of Baboo's SD card when I was snagging other photos this past week.  These may be the only photos from this past Christmas in existence.  I really don't know.

This just looks like Christmas to me!  Tree, stockings, fireplace, lights, family!

Christmas Eve tradition watching "The Nativity Story" which is my all time favorite rendition of that story.  I could watch it all year long, but I save it up for Christmas Eve to retain its specialness.

Christmas Morning!

I love these beautiful girls!  I love how they love each other!

JJ's graduation

The only pics we had taken were on Baboo's camera and I was waiting for her to get them to me.  Eventually I just found my way to her SD card and took care of everything myself!  I had been waiting to post about it until I had photos!

We were supposed to be at the convention center early.  That would give graduates time to take photos in their caps and gowns before things got started (they wouldn't have their gowns after the ceremony).  But we were late, late, late, late.  JJ had trouble finding a few necessary items (like his honor cord and tassle) and it was just hard getting everyone into the car.

And the traffic was horrendous!  It took us so long just to exit the freeway and then travel the 1/2 mile to the convention center.

Once we got there, it was already time for JJ to be in there and getting ready so all the photos beforehand were hurried and many of his friends and acquaintances had already gone inside the building!

Why, yes, I do believe JJ was pinching his father's bootie in this photo!

I love this boy so much!  He is an absolutely amazing person and so, so good to me.  He is fun and strong and stalwart and humble and sensitive and kind and smart.

 I was going to write that I have the best teens ever.  But two of them are young adults and one isn't even a teenager anymore.

Honestly, I dread graduations.  I wish we could come up with some other kind of ceremony.  The speeches!  Ugh.  It's like a special form of torture.  I'm not saying anything specifically about the ones I heard that day.  I don't remember them.  I don't remember the graduation speeches from my own graduation.  But that's kind of the point.

They fly through these hundreds of graduates now by having names read and diplomas handed out on both sides of the stage at once.  I'm glad for the speed but it also leaves my head spinning.  Honestly, it's hard to believe Baboo even caught this picture at all.

This is Baboo with one of her best friends, reminiscing about their own graduations a few years ago.

And here is Baboo with her graduating little bro and her friend with her graduating lil' sis.

I always liked this friend of JJ's, though they drifted apart in later years.  I remember him coming over in fifth grade and he and JJ would sit next to each other each completely absorbed in their Harry Potter books!


For his graduation present, we got him a camera that he can use on his mission.  I wanted to be sure to give it to him early enough that he could figure out how to use it.  I'm not sure he really knows how to work a camera or upload photos to a computer.  These are real missionary skills he needs to master before he leaves.  For his mother's sake!

Later that night, he went to our local rec center where they have the senior party from 10pm to 4am.  He stayed all night and came back with boxes and boxes of leftover pizzas that he generously shared with us all.


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