29 January 2015


We had the sister missionaries for dinner two weeks ago.  We accepted their challenge to pray daily for a week for a missionary experience.  But then we forgot!  So we've been reminding the children this week to pray for a missionary experience.  So, praying over dinner tonight...

Pink:  Please bless that we can get that missionaries prayer stuff done.
At the dinner table...

Mack:  Dad, do you think there are multiple universes?  Because you know how Abraham was promised that he'd have as many children as stars?  There's a lot of stars and I don't think they'd all fit in this universe.

28 January 2015

Little Things

*  JJ came home with a cinnamon roll...

JJ:  I need two little girls to share this with me!

*  JJ spent his entire morning with me cleaning out our horrendous storage room to make room for Wiyah's things.  He just dug in and worked beside me and lugged all the heavy stuff and took things where I told him to.  And he hadn't even eaten breakfast yet.

*  No snow, sunny days and cold weather that has been reasonable all winter long.

*  Making dinner while listening to the sound of JJ singing/playing "The Hokey Pokey" with the little kids in the other room.

*  Baboo and Wiyah calling me Mamacita.

27 January 2015


Driving straight from the after school pick up to a doctor appointment.  Pink and Mack were having a disagreement about something...

Wink:  Guys! Stop arguing!  You're making the spirit go away!
Mack:  The spirit was never even here.

25 January 2015


Mack just won at a family card game and there was some discussion of the rules...

Hubba:  Oh, I didn't know that.  I think I misled Mack before and he probably would have won earlier.  Mack, stop being so cocky.
Kelvinator:  Wouldn't it stink if everybody stopped being sarcastic?  That would be so stupid.

Baboo came home from a Sunday night open house with an entire box of leftover donuts...

Baboo:  Who's the best sister in the United States?
Someone:  Where'd you get those?
Baboo:  I just stopped at the store on my way home.
JJ:  Like you have money.
Hubba:  Like you'd go shopping on a Sunday.
Kelvinator:  Like you'd give them to us anyway.


At the dinner table, I started paying attention to a conversation at the other end of the table about halfway through...

JJ:  It was funny the first time you said it.  But you've said it like 700 times now.
X:  I know.  It's like a reflex.
Me: (singing the Duran Duran song)  The reflex is an only child...
Mack:  Reflex Math (a computer program they use for math at school)
X:  Reflexive verbs.
After dinner, discussing whether or not pregnant women are fat...

Mack:  When my wife is pregnant, I'm going to make her a big hamburger and a little tiny hamburger so she can eat for two.


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