21 December 2014


Mack:  I know how many onces there are there in a while!
Me and Wiyah:  How many.
Mack:  One remainder two.

20 December 2014

Winkleberry's Christmas List

I was cleaning the family room today and found this list and a letter for Santa tucked behind the Christmas tree!  My favorites are 3,8,18, 26, and 28!

1.  a tv in my rom
2.  big haws
     big house
3.  ifole tawer
     eiffel tower
4.  toys
5.  campoter
6.  phone that's rambo
     phone that's rainbow
7. robot
8.  a BeBole ThaT I can put my hed in it
     a bubble that I can put my head in it
9.  chcla
10. Picsher of Santa clas
11.  hotell fore wolnat with a swmming pooll
       hotel for Walnut (our cat) with a swimming pool
12.  a boin aro
       a bow and arrow
13.  lats of peresints
14.  The lagoe movee and the Game
15.  clock
16.  clovs aspeshalee pants
       clothes, especially pants
17.  wite Bord with marcrs that can't go awaea
       white board with markers that can't go away (get lost?)
18.  food mix
19.  EYE MaGic (HElp iT FEAL BEttEr)
       poor girl still has eye pain two years  and two opthalmologists later
20.  Shos
22.  GiVE STacks
23.  2 paradi blankeits
      ??? something blankets
24.  1 dog named bexber
       1 dog named Dexter
25.  a dog
26.  a kit
27.  aswmming pooll
28.  big pieces of cheese
29.  a toye arplan with a reymote

French Choir Performance

I would love to have a video of Pink's performance.  But in the moment, I would just much rather sit and enjoy it rather than worry about battery life and operating my phone and seeing everything through the small screen instead of big and life like.  Sigh...

Pink was great.  Knew all the songs and all the movements.  It was so fun to watch her.  In one song, she was playing an accompany percussion instrument!  It was awesome.

One of my favorite things that happens in these performances is that the teacher in charge explains every song and greets everyone entirely in French.  And since so many in the audience can't understand French, she calls down a random child from the choir to translate for her.

These translations are amazing!  I can see the difference between my comprehension of French and theirs because I tend to translate more literally, word for word.  But these kids are so awesome.  Their translations are not based on the actual vocabulary being used, but on the meaning of the whole paragraph.  So their translations sound a lot less formal and so much more American.  I love to hear what comes out of their mouths.

My two favorite translations last night were:

1.  Whatever the French the teacher said, I totally did not understand it.  The girl didn't either, apparently because she paused, looked at the teacher, and then with perfect fluency and accent opened her mouth and said, "Est-ce que tu peux me le dire encore?"  (Can you say it to me again?)

2.  The teacher was explaining at this was the very end of their program and it was all done.  The girl translated it perfectly.  When the teacher took the microphone back she made a sad face and said "awwwww" and the girl took the microphone and translated "Dang it!"  Oh my gosh!  It was hilarious.  I was dying.  What an awesome translation!

Other fun French immersion fact:  The ratio of girls to boys in the program has got to be about 3:1.  The girls siginificantly out number the boys.  It's startlingly obvious every time you look at the choir or enter a classroom.  It always makes me wonder if French is considered a feminine language.  I think it is? Maybe that explains why there are so many more girls than boys?  And I wonder if that will even out at some point when those little girls start entering the program?  Assuming they do...

19 December 2014

The Best Anniversary Ever

Yesterday was 22 years for us.  We are almost at a quarter of a century together and have finally passed the point where the Hubba has known me for more than half of his life.  Almost to the point where we will have been married for more than half of his life.  (Passed those milestones for me quite some time ago).

A week or two ago I asked the Hubba if he thought it would be possible for us to take the day off of work and just spend the entire day together.  He liked that idea and we decided to make it happen.  The day started off like usual.  Wake up, make breakfasts and lunches, family prayer, get the kids off to school.  But then it was all different.

The Hubba and I got ready to go to the temple to do sealings.  For most of our anniversaries we have done this, but we usually do it towards the end of the day.  Not at the beginning.  Meanwhile, Wiyah suddenly (long story) had to have her wisdom teeth removed and it was happening that day.  I felt really bad because I wanted to take care of Wiyah that day.  But she's tough and insisted that we continue to do our anniversary stuff.  And Baboo stepped up to the plate and took care of Wiyah all day long.

Anyway, we did sealings and it was lovely.  We both had some similar insights and afterwards talked about it all in the celestial room.

Then we went home.  I had hoped to see Wiyah but her surgery was delayed and she had just barely started by the time we got home!  We changed clothes and talked for a bit and then went out to lunch.  I had a coupon for a free pizza at a new restaurant that was just opening up.  We talked there and decided to go see a movie.  We were about 30 minutes early for the movie so we browsed a chocolate shop and each purchased a really expensive truffle!  After that sweet, we wanted something salty so we splurged on movie theater popcorn.

The movie was good and really long.  3 hours!

I loved this day date.  Usually when we go out on dates I feel the pull and pressure of home.  I worry about what is happening there and mostly just feel guilty because we are not spending family time together.  I actually don't feel like the kids see us very much so to be gone for a whole night is not usually pleasant emotionally for me.  But being gone in the day?  That's a whole other story!  It was wonderful because I knew the kids weren't home so all that pull to be home and worry and guilt was non-existent!  We could just leisurely spend time together.  It was so decadent!  Not quite as decadent as those chocolate truffles, though.

Anyway, after the movie, we ate dinner together out and then it was time for Christmas shopping.  Just like we usually spend some time doing sealings on our anniversary, we also usually have to do some Christmas shopping, too.  You can't really waste time away from your kids just a week before Christmas.  This was the least favorite part of my date.  But it was also satisfying because we've been out many times before and this was the most productive trip yet!

Then we went home!

And I actually thought I was going to go to sleep.

But I stayed up talking to Wiyah and reading about her medication and consulting with Baboo about what she had already taken and when the next dosings were due and making a schedule so that I could keep up with it all.  And poor Wiyah was so hungry and hates her stupid liquid diet.  And because of her hunger and because some of the medication that has to be taken every three hours through the night requires being taken with food, which she can't chew.  I ran out to the store sometimes past 10pm to get her some chocolate milk, yogurt, jello, pudding and applesauce.

Also, JJ was staying up late working on some English assignments and needed water colors for the poster he was supposed to make (I'm sorry, I couldn't help but think that  a high school senior should not have the assignment of making a poster for a book report!)  So I added that to my list and ran out and got all the soft foods adn water colors.

When I came back, it was really sweet to see JJ working on the computer writing up another paper while Baboo and X worked on his poster for him.  They were totally staying up late just to help him.  So I put groceries away and showed Wiyah her food and got her all set up with her next dose of medication.

By now it was midnight and I was just sitting down to relax for the first time since coming home.  That's when JJ told me that the security settings on the (somewhat working) computer logged him off.  It automatically shuts down from midnight to 6am.  He was 3 pages into a 5 page paper.

I tried to change the settings so that he could continue working, but it's so dumb!  I changed the settings, but they wouldn't take effect until the next time he logged in.  But he couldn't log in because the old settings locked him out!  We discussed what his options were.  He could hand write out how last two pages and then type it up in the morning.  He could go to bed now and then get up at 6am and finish.  He offered that he would just try to finish in 4th period.

I didn't like that idea because this project has already been procrastinated since June and I didn't think leaving it until 4th period (the deadline is huge and immutable--no late work accepted) was a good idea.  So I told him that he could use my laptop and I would stay up with him.  I know it's easier to stay up late and work when someone is with you.  But also, my computer doesn't have parental control on it.  I AM the parental controls!

So I stayed up with him.  I wanted to blog about my anniversary.  But the kitchen was a complete mess so I decided I would work while he would work.  He finished his paper at 1am and the kitchen was still kind of a mess.  Plus Wiyah has to take her medication every three hours and the next dose was at 2am.  So JJ went to bed and I stayed up cleaning the kitchen and making lunches until 2 when I gave Wiyah her medication.  Then I went to bed.  Finally.

My alarm was set for 5am, though, so I could give Wiyah her next dose of medication.  I went back to bed and set hte alarm for 6:45am.  I got to sleep in about an hour later than usual because breakfast was cold cereal and I had already made lunches.

Got the kids all ready for school and forgot Mack had safety patrol so I raced out the door to get him there on time.  Came home and had 30 minutes before my visiting teacher was coming over.  I could either get myself ready, eat breakfast, or get the house ready.  I could not accomplish all three in 30 minutes.  So I got the house ready.

But it turns out she was running late enough for me to whip out this blog post anyway!  She's knocking!

16 December 2014

One thing I forgot to mention

I am no longer a birthworker.  I am not taking doula clients.  I am not teaching childbirth classes.

I stopped taking births a while ago when the kids started going to French school.  I had thought that with the kids in the school across the street, it would free up my schedule because they could just walk home and a big kid would be home already so I would be free to take clients who could go into labor at any time.  But when we decided to put the kids in French school, they had to be driven every morning and afternoon.  Which requires an adult.  And that meant that I wasn't free to be at a birth 24/7.  I needed to worry about transportation.  So I stopped taking doula clients.

I was still teaching childbirth classes, though.  A lot of them.  Eventually, a new hospital opened up and I took the opportunity to teach there where I would be the only natural childbirth instructor and get to be a part of the program there from the ground up.  It was awesome.  I loved this smaller hospital and the intimate atmosphere.  I loved the relationship I was developing with the nurses and careproviders in L&D that hadn't happened in the big hospital I was at before.

And of course I loved teaching.  And birth.  Especially teaching about birth.  But it was becoming increasingly harder to leave my family one night a week.  In fact, for a while, it was the only night everyone else was home and unscheduled!

There were a few other things going on at work, too.  Just some hoops I had to jump through.  But jumping through those hoops when I was already feeling the way I was feeling was just too much.  One time no one signed up for my class and so I spent the next 8 weeks just enjoying not having to go anywhere at night.  Not having to stress.  I stress pretty easily now that I spent chunks of my day at the office.  Speaking of which, I was working days at the office.  Which made it that much harder to leave at night.  Even if it was only one evening a week.

So I resigned.

I felt bad for leaving them in the lurch and knowing they'd have to hire someone and for all the hassle that would be.  But I have not looked back.  I enjoy my evenings at home and not having to worry about anything but my family.  I haven't even missed teaching yet.  In fact, I mostly find myself not thinking about birth stuff at all.  Staying out of the fray, so to speak.  There is still lots of birth activism going on and I'm content to let it all pass by me.  I hope my daughters will find my professional and personal experience helpful and not annoying.  And I hope to be able to talk to and support anyone who;s interested.  I still love it!  But I'm ok just letting those opportunities come when they do, rather then scheduling them weekly, I guess.


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