30 September 2014

I have a love/hate relationship with myself

This morning it was clearly evident.


1.  Even though I didn't go to bed until almost 2am, I still got up with my alarm at 5am.
2.  The night before I was in despair about what I was going to make for lunches.  But somehow I figured out another lunch.  And it wasn't even a paltry offering.  It will be filling.
3.  Woke up the four little kids with a hymn and a back rub, like I always do.
4.  Didn't lose my temper or yell.  Stayed calm and mostly patient.
5.  Got everybody that I was responsible for on time.  They were all happy and singing in the car by the time we left.


1.  Undisclosed person or persons frequently wear socks again and again because who knows where the matching socks are.  It's easier to keep up with the ones you last had on your feet.  One child couldn't find their old socks and actually couldn't find any clean socks either.  Tears on their part and frustration on both our parts.  I wasted ten minutes of precious morning time trying to track down socks.  There's no reason this should take longer than 20 seconds to pull open a drawer and grab a pair of socks.
2.  Can't keep up with the dishes either.  So every morning, like this morning, required me to personally handwash enough dishes for breakfast.
3.  Couldn't find a brush either.  Another 5-7 minutes lost as I scoured the house for one of the five or six brushes we own that apparently aren't where they belong and maybe never are.
4.  Got very silently frustrated when Pinkleberry somehow managed to spill out dry oatmeal in a neat pile at her feet.  Also, someone left the broom outside in the rain so we have to wait for the broom to dry before we can clean it up.  The only reason I didn't lose my temper (see number 4 above) was because Pinkleberry was possibly having a worse morning than I was and her poor little face was splotchy and her lip trembling trying not to cry.
5.  The fact that my house feels like an obstacle course and walking from one room to the next might cause you to break a leg for all the chaos we live in.  Every time I think it's not possible for things to be worse I'm disgusted to find that there are new depths I can sink to and even though I thought I was doing nothing before, I clearly HAD been doing something because it's worse now.

29 September 2014

I have a sunflower seed problem

There's just something about sunflower seeds that my mouth loves.  And I'm just completely out of control.  First of all, I'm talking about the actual nut inside, not the shell.  The shell totally gets in the way and ruins my pleasure.  I eat the shelled kind of sunflower seeds.

And I eat them one at a time.

I put one little seed in my mouth and while it's in there I first remove and chew that thin little membrane covering it.  Then using my front teeth, I mash the little nut into oblivion.  It'll be like sunflower paste.  When it's nice and smoothe, then I can swallow.  And move onto the next seed.

It keeps my mouth busy all day long just eating one serving of sunflower seeds.  Once I get started it's very difficult to stop.  Right now I have a huge bag of sunflower seeds labeled just for me at home and one in my office.  So that I never have to be seedless.

What Happened to that Woman Who Could Run 8.5 Straight Miles

The good news is she's hiding somewhere deep down inside of me and it's my job to uncover her!

I got new running shoes a couple weeks ago.  But because of everything we have going on around here I wasn't able to try them out until this morning.  I had planned to do 6 miles (running as much of it as I could) but at the last minute decided 3 miles was much more realistic.  I think I ran about 1.5 miles before I started walking.  Trying to be positive I decided to use my time by walking and recovering a bit and then picking up a run again.  That's always something that has been really difficult for me.  So I would pick out an object in the distance and decide that when I got there I would run.  Then I would pick another object a little further on--not too far--that I would run TO.  I was so tired and hated running so much at that point that I would usually sprint just to get it over with.  Then I'd walk again.  Walking is way boring, though.  Everything is so slow.  Anyway, I did 3 miles that way.  I would have loved to run the whole way but since I couldn't, I worked on something I COULD do.  That's good, I think.

28 September 2014

Wiyah's notes from women's conference

I personally witnessed Wiyah talking these notes in conference.  I will freely admit that while she was doing this I had the thought that she should past more attention and quit doodling!  It wasn't until today when I actually saw what she had done that I realized exactly how much she had been listening.  And then I felt the beam in my own eye because I hadn't taken any notes at all and he's reminded me of things I had already forgotten.

Hair cuts

All the men on our family have been seeing the same barber for a decade and a half.  Recently our barber has been out of town every time I needed to schedule a cut.  So the poor boys are suffering shaggily.  Wiyah got fed up and took pity on them.  She watched a YouTube video and set to work with scissors.  Did I mention she is awesome?


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