27 November 2014

What we have here, is a chicken and egg scenario

This evening, my kids were all discussing a certain physical characteristic that they have in common and how frustrating and undesirable this trait is.  The thing is, it's obviously clearly inherited from me.  And my first reaction was to have my feelings really hurt.  Because this trait is significantly diluted in them because of the Hubba.  Not so, with me.  So if they think that thing is really frustrating and undesirable in them, it's even more so with me.  So it felt pretty insulting.

And then I wondered how it must feel to them when I complain about this or other physical characteristics that I dislike about myself and find frustrating and ugly that they may have inherited.  What do they think I think about them?

It kind of makes my brain hurt.  And it's one of those scenarios in life where I'm just grateful for the atonement and pray that it can cover a multitude of sins and heal invisible wounds that we cause when we aren't even aware we are holding a weapon.

25 November 2014

Baboo's Home!!

This past couple of weeks has been a whirlwind and there is so much to document and so much to say.  But I still don't have much time for blogging and what little time I do have, I prefer to spend talking to Baboo.  But I can at least post these for now.

21 November 2014


The Hubba was unhappily commenting on the mess that had been made in our family room...

Pink:  Sorry,Dad. I was one of the people playing in there and making that mess.
Hubba:  Pinkleberry, thank you for your honesty.  It was very grown-up to take responsibility like that.
Wink:  None of this stuff is mine!

20 November 2014


I was browning ground beef in the kitchen and I perched the packaging atop a totally full trash can. There was no one in the room...
Me: I sure would appreciate if someone could take out this trash.

( And then I was immediately thinking that I probably should have spoken up louder and addressed someone by name and been direct in my request. But before I could even finish the though...)
 JJ:  Girl, I got yo' back! 

(And was already removing the trash from the can before I made it back to the stovetop.)
This evening I was just settling down in the family room after dinner with everyone.  I mentioned that I was cold as I began to sat down on the couch.  Before I even leaned back into the cushions, there was X with my jacket...

X:  Girl, I got yo' back!

Girl I Got Yo Back!  Just in case you were wondering where it came from, it's one of the lyrics in this hilarious parody of Hunger Games that we absolutely love.

We also love these other two videos!


Last week we were out buying missionary clothes for Wiyah and we were SUPPOSED to be buying non-missionary clothes for Baboo.  But she kept gravitating towards the skirts and dresses.

Baboo:  Ah!  I keep looking at skirts.  Sister Lewis!  You need to buy some pants.
Me:  It might help if you stopped referring to yourself as "Sister Lewis".


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