26 December 2012

Post-Christmas Post

What a day.  I took almost no pictures.  The two I did take were on my phone and low quality and I have no way to post them anyway.  (Seriously, eventually I will make a decision.)  It was kind of nice actually, to just live in the moment and not worry about documenting it.  Except now I feel tremendously guilty that we have no photos of the day and so I guess I better a do a great job of writing it up!

The thing I remember most about Christmas Day is that Winkleberry was sick.  She started with a low grade fever on Saturday night.  By the time church time rolled around, it was mostly gone and we took her just to sacrament meeting and I brought her home.  About an hour after we got home the fever started up again.  By Monday night it was clear she'd probably be very sick for Christmas  (again!  She had a fever last Christmas, too!).  I usually don't use fever reducing medicines but it was Christmas and that only happens once a year.  So I dosed her up early on Christmas eve and that worked for a bit.  Then before bed, I dosed her up again.  It did not reduce her fever.  By Christmas morning, she was utterly refusing to take anymore because she hates the taste.  During one especially pathetic moment during the opening of presents, I actually tried to force her to take the medicine.  That ended very badly and none of it went down her throat.  So she was feverish and lethargic all Christmas and only worked up a few moments of  excitement the whole day.  She mostly stayed on my lap and tried to doze all day.  It was so sad.  Though there was some sweetness to how doting all the siblings were to her.  Bringing her presents and including her and offering her kisses and sympathy.

Christmas eve had that wild and excited feeling all day.  You know something is up when all afternoon and evening the kids are wondering if it's bedtime yet!  We hadn't yet made snowflakes this season and we usually hang them from the ceiling around the tree.  So I put JJ in charge of that while I did some other tasks. Then X hung them.  We had tostadas for dinner because nothing says Christmas like red, green and white pico de gallo!  We watched "Nativity Story" and then finally the kids put their Secret Sibling gifts under the Christmas tree.  I brought down some wrapped gifts, too.  Christmas pajamas!  Pinkleberry was literally jumping and bouncing around she was so excited to open a present.  She was full of hugs and kisses and so excited to get them on.  We sang songs and talked about Christmas and sent the children to bed.

Anyway, the Hubba and I weren't up very late on Christmas Eve.  And so we decided to watch a show we like.  We didn't get half way through it though before Wink was up and miserable.  We were pretty much up with her the whole night and were only able to doze a few minutes here and there between taking care of her.  Around 7:30 am, Baboo came up and asked to take Winkleberry down to see the tree.  I went with them.  We let Dad sleep.  Baboo showed Wink the tree and presents and then took her to see the stockings and missing cookies and milk.  The kids all looked around to see whose presents were whose.  There were a lot of unwrapped presents this year which has never really happened before!

I asked Baboo and Wiyah to give Winkleberry a bath to cool her down and hopefully break her fever while I got started on breakfast.  I had done lots of breakfast prep the day before and so it was much less stressful on Christmas morning.  Somewhere in there, the Hubba came down and the kid opened stockings.  Soon after, we were eating.  Then it wasn't very long after that we were all ready for presents.  Having grown up an only child, I just grabbed my presents from under the tree and opened them.  The whole thing was a frenzy that lasted a brief moment.  I like having so many kids and opening presents in order of age.  It gives everyone time to enjoy everyone else's gifts and to say thank you and to talk between openings.  It takes longer and makes the enjoyment last.

We spent the rest of the day playing the piano, jumping on a trampoline, playing a video game, playing board games, making jewelry and just spending time having fun together like we never have a chance to do.  One of my favorite times of the year is this time after Christmas with no responsibilities except just to enjoy each other's company.  No distractions, no obligations.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. There is a mom (grandma) in our ward that was also an only child. She wanted a big family and ended up having 8 kids (I think). It always fascinates me when things turn out like that - only kids (or kids from small families) having very large ones as parents.

    Keldon and I both grew up in large families and were very sure we didn't want that many kids (when we discussed it at age 21).

    Of course, I see how being in a large family taught me many things I don't think I would have/could have learned in any other way. And it was very good for me, and as a parent I sort of mourn those experiences/learning for my own kids.

    But, I do know that as a parent, I would have ended up in a padded room if I'd had a lot of children. I'm way too selfish, and haven't developed some essential qualities that are absolutely necessary to parenting that way (maybe another reason I so admire you both).

    And yet, I'm really glad that there are some kids that can function (and eventually thrive?) with the kind of parenting I'm capable of. lol

    Sounds like a very merry Christmas at the Beautopotamous home. :)



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