10 September 2013

Little Things

*  On Sunday, Pink was sitting on X's lap and he was braiding her hair.  The same thing happened tonight during family scripture study.

*  This evening was a normally busy evening.  But at the last minute we had a "surprise" that added a little bit of stress and required that we clean the entire house.  Then there was also an unplanned errand I needed to run that I thought would take about an hour.  So I got the kids started doing their homework with the directive to start cleaning the house as soon as they were done and I'd join them as soon as I could.  My one hour errand ended up taking more than 4 hours and by the time I got home it was the kids' bedtime.  Nevertheless, I walked into a sparkling clean house.  I mean, it was miraculous.  Completely.  And JJ and X spearheaded that effort with parents, without older sisters.  Just my two teenage boys and the 4 little "helpers."  Seriously amazing.  I was so grateful!

*  JJ and X talking about the scriptures and making jokes.  Which sounds irreverent, but it was kind of awesome actually the types of jokes they were making required an intimate knowledge of the stories.  And they were so funny that got Wiyah to laugh.  And she's a tough crowd tonight because she's very frustrated about not yet finding a dress for homecoming.  Homecoming is in 4 days.

*  An anonymous gift for Wiyah on our doorstep.

*  I realized the other day that Baboo and Wiyah killed us when they took Chemistry.  It meant all late nights and frustrated girls and frustrated mom and dad.  But pretty much JJ made it all the way through chemistry without us even being aware that he was taking the course.

*  X had to write a short story for English class and the first two pages were amazingly well-written and could have come straight out of a published novel--a good one!

*  The Hubba, the teens and I all sitting around after the little kids have gone to bed and talking about sleepwalking, sleeptalking, dreams and waking up from a deep sleep and everyone of us is laughing.

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